Can the Universe be Colonized?


I read a Scientific American  article that I’d like to share. It discusses the problems of interstellar colonization.

Basically, since it would take millennia to reach an inhabitable planet – and people live for decades, the ship would need to carry a breeding population, thus being huge and fragile. Huge and fragile because it would be a isolated island population, having to live in a confined space for centuries at least.

I’m not as pessimistic though. I suspect that by the time anyone thinks about sending humans to another planet, other technologies will advance to the point that the crew could either be frozen, or have their minds downloaded into a computer, then uploaded to either an android body or clone. Really, the possibilities are amazing when you talk about centuries from now. It may be that advances in cybernetics and AI will render the need to colonize other livable planets mute and the next stage of human evolution may be the machine.


An Amazing Accomplishment of Pharonic Egyptian Astronomy!


The papyrus Cairo 86637 calendar is the oldest preserved historical document of naked-eye observations the variable star Algol. Inside the superimposed is the hieratic writing for the word “Horus,” which means a god or a king. Image by Lauri Jetsu 

The Huffington Post shared a fascinating report arguing that Egyptian astronomers discovered the pattern of dimming and  brightening of a binary star system, sinisterly named the “Demon Star,” nearly 3000 years before it was known to Western science.

No Advanced Aliens?

No Advanced Aliens?


An article discussing super advanced aliens suggests that we should see evidence of their intergalactic activity, but we don’t, so perhaps none are close by. It is my opinion that given the scale of the universe, there should be a number of billion-year-old civilizations and probably one or more in our own galaxy. So why don’t we see alien Dyson spheres? I think the assumption that an alien civilization would grow to utilize all the power of a star our galaxy to be a mistaken assumption. At a certain point the goal of making as many of us aliens as possible seems ridiculous. Even here and now the population of Earth has been slowing its growth rate. Further, I suspect a super-advanced civilization would not want to interfere with developing civilizations by advertising their existence. With hundreds of millions of years to develop their technology, could an alien civilization hide their existence from our primitive tools?