Labyrinth of the Giants

Rujm el-Hiri is an ancient megalithic monument, consisting of concentric circles of stone with a tumulus at center. It is located in the Golan Heights, some 16 kilometres east of the eastern coast of the Sea of Galilee. The picture shows an aerial view of the archeological site. Photo by Itamar Grinberg.

Photo by Itamar Grinberg.


I read an article from the Huffington Post that I’d like to share with you all. It involves an archeological ruin in the Golan Heights. It is currently called Gilgal Refaim, the “Hill of Giants” in Hebrew, owing to the belief that giants lived in the legendary Middle East before the Israelites conquered Canaan.

At the center of the complex is a mound tomb that once held an important local individual. In the ancient east, Mediterranean  cults existed dedicated to ancient heroes, men who were half-god, half-human, and of great power. In later Hebrew myths, these demi-god spirits were equated with the Greek Giants and Titans of myth.

It is not yet definitive whether the tomb and the circles surrounding it are of the same age. The walls are thought to date from around 3000 BCE while the tomb is thought to date from around  1550-1200 BCE. It is reasonable that some later potentate was entombed on what was regarded as a mysterious artifact from antiquity, made by the Jinn or ancient heroes.

The walls remind me of the ancient Mediterranean labyrinth, but they also bear similarity to the structure of the walls comprising the megalith at Gobeki Tepe. However, circles are a pretty popular shape for megaliths separated by time and space, and while close to Gobeki Tepe, that site is nearly 6000 years older than Gigal Refaim. See the links at the bottom to read more.

With so many competing ideas for why this site was built we can only conclude….


A video explaining the site YouTube

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No Advanced Aliens?

No Advanced Aliens?


An article discussing super advanced aliens suggests that we should see evidence of their intergalactic activity, but we don’t, so perhaps none are close by. It is my opinion that given the scale of the universe, there should be a number of billion-year-old civilizations and probably one or more in our own galaxy. So why don’t we see alien Dyson spheres? I think the assumption that an alien civilization would grow to utilize all the power of a star our galaxy to be a mistaken assumption. At a certain point the goal of making as many of us aliens as possible seems ridiculous. Even here and now the population of Earth has been slowing its growth rate. Further, I suspect a super-advanced civilization would not want to interfere with developing civilizations by advertising their existence. With hundreds of millions of years to develop their technology, could an alien civilization hide their existence from our primitive tools?