Astounding Neolithic Site — Göbekli Tepe

Here is blog post from HolyLandPhotos Blog. Gobekli Tepe is the oldest megalithic structure known and a valuable incite into the evolution of human religion. I’m intrigued by the stone with Vulture carvings. Vultures appear in the art of Neolithic Turkey as well and I wonder if their is connection to the odd practice of sky burials, leaving bodies exposed to be eaten by vultures before collecting the bones, still practiced by some communities of Central Asia.

HolyLandPhotos' Blog

For those interested, I have posted 17 images of Göbekli Tepe (“Potbelly Hill”)—a Neolithic site located about 9 mi. north of Sanliurfa in south–central Turkey before the “protective covering” was constructed over the site.  This 22 acre site was functional from roughly 9,600 BC to 8,200 BC was excavated by Klaus Schmidt.

GBT-1 View of the major excavated area at Göbekli Tepe
Click on image to Enlarge

It was a religious center constructed by and used by foragers (not farmers!).  The excavated portions consist mainly of rings of well-carved standing limestone pillars—the tallest 18 ft. high.

GBT-2 Detail of one of the rings of standing stones
Click on image to Enlarge

GBT-3 Note the variety of animals on the carved stone
Click on image to Enlarge

Images of gazelles, snakes, foxes, scorpions, and boars are carved on them in low bas-relief.  In posting my images I was amazed to think about how during…

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