Prehistoric Dragon Discovered

I found this article today that was written earlier this year about a dinosaur fossil excavated in China. It is absolutely fantastic, a dinosaur with wings, but not feathered like most dinosaur (bird) wings. Instead it is a wing made of stretched skin, like a bat. While early dragons were depicted with bird wings, modern fantasy almost always uses the later bat-winged dragon. And now here one is.


Dinosaur Wings

This illustration provided by Dinostar Co. Ltd. shows the dinosaur, Yi qi, which is Mandarin for “strange wing.” Dinosaurs normally used feathers for flight, but the newly discovered creature evidently had wings made of skin instead, like a bat’s, described in a paper released by the journal Nature on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. Though it’s not clear whether they flapped or merely let the creature glide. (Dinostar Co. Ltd. via AP)


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