Chupacabra found in Paraguay and a bonus Sea Monster Photo!

Well, a body of the mysterious chupacabra has finally been found in Paraguay. See the video here. However, it seems the chupacabra is a monkey with mange. Other “chupacabra” corpses have been those of dogs and coyotes with mange. What this shows is how baffling a common animal can appear in a distorted context, mange, or severe decay. The imagination reaches for the exotic, and an animal that exists in imagination is then confirmed in flesh. In the past, all sorts of mythical creatures were probably understood to be empirically real, based on misidentification. Not that the corpses inspired the beast, but it was explained in terms of a beast that exists only in the mind.

In related news, tourists off the coast of Greece took this photo of a mysterious animal that has some talking “sea monster.” Others suggest a species of beaked whale, which is a bit of a rarity and inspiration for other beached sea serpent discoveries. I’m betting on beaked whale too, the picture is hard to conclusively identify. I always recommend Occam’s Razor in these situations, which says the least complicated answer is most likely, and when choosing between a known whale that resembles the picture, and a hitherto unknown animal, the known animal requires less explanation.


mystery animal                                                           beaked whale


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