3,000-Year-Old Inscription found in Jerusalem

An inscription in Canaanite has recently been found in Jerusalem. The inscription consists of a number of Canaanite letters that don’t appear to spell any known words in the Canaanite lexicon on a clay pot. The find dates slightly before the time when Jerusalem was supposed to have been captured by King David. On occasion, I have seen scholars who are surprised or dubious that the ancient Israelites produced text. Finds like these tend to undermine such doubts, though it shouldn’t be surprising since it was the biblical world that invented the alphabet, so why shouldn’t the people of Syria/Palestine be writing before the Greeks? Contrary to the notions of some historians, I don’t think it would be unlikely for Israel to have produced texts, even at early stages of its development.


2 thoughts on “3,000-Year-Old Inscription found in Jerusalem

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